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Hello! I'm Corey Green

I was an "outcast" when I was young. I didn't fit in. That made me different, and created problems for me.

I was bullied. I was teased. I was pushed around. 

With Karate, I learned that I didn't need to fight the "bad guy" to win. I just needed to conquer myself. 

Now, I help the underdogs out there find their true potential. And, I show them how to use their personal power to win at life. 

What Others Have To Say

Top notch

I've been training at Green's Karate for the past 11 months. During that time I have lost weight and have greatly increased strength, coordination and flexibility. Sensei Green is an excellent teacher, and the assistants are top notch as well.

Robert C. Baker

Loving it

I've been at the dojo somewhere around four months, and I'm loving it. Sensei Green is a great instructor on traditional, authentic, Olympic karate..., and he doesn't just give out belts, like some other dojos do.

Alynthi Marie

Not the same kid

Before starting karate my little one was just... “entitled”. Since he’s started karate he has completely changed! He helps around the house. His attitude is more of the “I can” rather than the “I can’t “. And his manners... man... he is not the same kid.

Summer Sweeney

Why Choose Our School?


It's intimidating to start Karate. 

If you, or your child, never have done anything like this, it takes courage to step foot into a martial arts dojo and try a class. 

We understand how challenging that first step is. That's why we make our classes beginner-friendly. We'll help you every step of the way.

You can build your confidence from day one. You can begin to see how doing something hard, like Karate, will make your stronger mentally and physically. 

Age-Appropriate Classes

No matter your age, you learn best when you are in with your peers.

Here at Green's Karate, we take great care to make sure our classes have the right groups in them. Our kid's classes are broken up into three main ages to help each of our students learn best.

We have a dedicated class for teens. This is great for them because they get to be in with the same age. Making it easier to meet new friends.

Our adult program is easily broken out in class to accommodate the needs of a younger adult while still giving a seasoned adult room to grow and feel safe. 

Professionally-Trained Instructors

Our instructors aren't just trained how to teach Karate or competition skills. They learn how to bring the best out in each student. 

To do that, they go through weekly, monthly, and yearly instructor training. That entails learning how to teach both mental and physical development. How to tailor a lesson that is age-appropriate. And, they learn how to modify skills and drills to fit the class and each individual attending. 

To say the least, our instructors are always learning. We are always growing, and we are always looking for ways to be better. 


Do you need a uniform to try class?

No. We got you covered. For your first class, you don't need to worry about having anything other than the willingness to give this a try. 

Do you need previous training?

Absolutely not! Majority of all out students start with zero Karate experience. If you've never done this before, that is okay. It's the best place to be - a beginner. There is so much to explore and so many new things to learn. You'll have a blast if you've never done this before.

Do you have to compete?

Again, no. It is not a requirement for you to compete. We have a belt structure and system that follows our class training and not competition attendance.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It generally takes at least four years for someone to get their black belt. This isn't an easy thing. The process is simple, but you'll need to face challenges. You'll need to earn every belt along the way to get to black belt. We don't give anything away here without hard work, perseverance, and effort. 

Is it safe to train?

The long and short answer is yes. You are NOT thrown to the wolves to see if you survive. We help you build your skills, give you the opportunity to test your abilities, and then taught how to self-evaluate each of your performances to find your strengths and work on your weak areas. 

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