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Meet Corey Green

I was an "outcast" when I was young. I didn't fit in. That made me different, and created problems for me.

I was bullied. I was teased. I was pushed around.

With Karate, I learned that I didn't need to fight the "bad guy" to win. I just needed to conquer myself.

Now, I help the underdogs out there find their true potential. And, I show them how to use their personal power to win at life.

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What Others Have To Say

Robert C. Baker

I've been training at Green's Karate for the past 11 months. During that time I have lost weight and have greatly increased strength, coordination and flexibility. Sensei Green is an excellent teacher, and the assistants are top notch as well.

Alynthi Marie

I've been at the dojo somewhere around four months, and I'm loving it. Sensei Green is a great instructor on traditional, authentic, Olympic karate..., and he doesn't just give out belts, like some other dojos do.

Summer Sweeney

Before starting karate my little one was just... “entitled”. Since he’s started karate he has completely changed! He helps around the house. His attitude is more of the “I can” rather than the “I can’t “. And his manners... man... he is not the same kid.

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