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4-5 Yr Olds

Learn how our specific program for 4-5 year olds will boost your child's  confidence, help them learn how to focus better, develop their motor skills, teach them self-defense skills, and give them an edge to learn faster.

6-8 Yr Olds

Find out how our developmental class for 6-8 year olds will help your child improve their self-esteem, boost their confidence, teach them how to concentrate longer, and give them self-defense skills that work for their age.

9-11 Year Olds

Discover the foundation that we lay in our 9-11 year old group to help set them up for success in their pre-teen years. It will give your child the road map to be a leader in their life, build self-discipline, and build confidence that last a lifetime.

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About your head instructor and owner

Hello! I'm Corey Green

I was an "outcast" when I was young. I didn't fit in. That made me different, and created problems for me.

I was bullied. I was teased. I was pushed around. 

With Karate, I learned that I didn't need to fight the "bad guy" to win. I just needed to conquer myself. 

Now, I help the underdogs out there find their true potential. And, I show them how to use their personal power to win at life. 

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5319 Ringgold Rd, Ste. G Chattanooga, TN 37412

Areas Covered


East Ridge

North Georgia

Signal Mountain



Red Bank

Lookout Mountain

Brainerd & East Brainerd





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Monday - Friday:
9am - 8:30pm

9am - 2:30pm



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