Discover How Our Karate Formula For Adults 55+ Yrs Old Helps You Feel Better, Move Better, & Find Balance!

Want to know what happens when you spend one hour practicing something that improves your whole self?

1. You can learn skills needed to protect yourself.
2. You gain better balance, coordination, and agility.
3. You can find serenity in what seemingly is a chaotic world.

Our Karate Formula for our "silver" classes is the key to helping you reach new goals, maintain your health, and be strong.

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How this will change your future...your life.

Hi, I'm Corey Green.

I will tell you all about myself in just a moment.

But right now I want share something life-changing with you.

In our adult classes for 55+ we have a process that we call The Gold Medal Modeling Formula. 

It is a powerful new program we created to specifically work on more than just personal protection skills. We go beyond self-defense and delve deep into the "self" to help you achieve more...

And there is no better time for you to develop lasting change and transform into your best than right now.  

You can give yourself an edge...even if you are silver.  

This is about getting strong mental and physical abilities that keep you going.

Immersing yourself in this program is a powerful way to improve your confidence, boost your focus, improve flexibility, have better self-awareness, gain more self-control, and even compete.

Yes! Competition over 55 is really something you can do.  

We planned out a blueprint to build neuro-pathways that connect your mind and body in a way that helps you uncover your capabilities, adapt to challenges quicker, and overcome setbacks without letting it destroy your confidence.

The most underrated...unspoken...skill that'll change everything for you.

Your daily life is probably filled with endless things to get done, and more distractions than you ever realize. 

And what if I told you that one of the reasons why we find our lives more challenging, more frustrating, and more depressing is because we don't focus? 

There are very few things in our life where we can disconnect and focus on ourselves. 

Yet, personal development and self-awareness starts and ends with focus. 

In our program, we help you unplug, refocus, and rebuild who you are, who you want to be, and where you want to improve. 

Doing this will boost your productivity. It will help you overcome fear. And, it will give you the sense of certainty that might be missing in your life.

All this leads to setting yourself up to excel at anything you do.  

I'd like you to meet Robert...

Robert had first started Karate when he was seven.

Didn't continue, but always wanted to return to this training.

Restarted in his twenties in Germany, but a move interrupted any progress.

After thirty years, and spending what seems like a lifetime helping people find a home they will love, he felt like life was off balance.

There was something missing. 

Something was calling, and after some searching he found Karate again.

It doesn't matter how successful you are. When you don't feel like your health (mental, physical, or spiritual) is off, you start to listen.

Robert found a passion to compete. 

Not in just any competition, but US Karate-Do Nationals.

In 2023, he took a Gold Medal in Kata.

Not an easy accomplishment.

But, what has been the best achievement is that he now feels better about himself. 

He's more confident.

Has improved his health, feels more in control, and has found a balance that is hard to find in today's "go, go, go" world. 

If you find yourself feeling unsure or not as confident as you'd like to be, it's not your fault.

It's because you haven't been part of a program that is structured to work on personal development, physical enhancement, and cognitive connecting. 

All other programs and services, that I know about, are based on either fun, physical, or the activity itself. 

By the time you realize you aren't developing lasting fundamental skills that will improve your abilities, boost your self-image, and cement in a positive attitude toward personal growth, it's too late. 

We help you breakthrough all this in our Karate program where we teach our Gold Medal Modeling Formula. 

It's a totally different approach.

It's a brand new way of helping you build the foundational aptitude to excel at anything you matter your age or gender.  

It's all about giving you an EDGE in your ability to learn, grow, and achieve.

And then giving you the opportunity to feel what WINNING is like when you put it all together.

When you have these skills, your personal life improves, you find the ambition to improve your professional life, and you transform into a better version of yourself every day. 

They would like you to believe that it's too late to change, be something more, or do something like this.

That mindset is the single greatest contender to building yourself into a confident, capable, and strong person.

You won't hear main stream media taught how doing tough things will improve your abilities.

You neighbors, friends, and probably family, aren't going to tell you that challenging yourself, will help you personally grow.

But a few smart people like you are reading this and are ready to collect on a very powerful skill.

Just look at what I told you about Robert. He is "cashing" in on this. 

Giving himself these abilities and traits is priceless.

Imagine if you got the winning edge and were laser focused on what you wanted...

It would be like handing you the keys to the kingdom because you knew what it would take to be successful at anything.

You could sit back, smile, and enjoy life.

No more worrying about will you be successful, do you know how to deal with adversity, or what happens when things don't go your way. 

You learn how to adapt, improvise, and overcome.  

I want you to mark today as one of the most important dates in your life.

It's today's date that you decided to look into a Karate program. But, found one that is more than just blocking, kicking, and punching. 

You've made the conscious decision to hear about something greater than an activity or sport. 

This is about giving yourself something that will last the rest of your life.

It's something powerful.

Something you can't tangibly hold in your hand, but is the single driving force that will propel you to reach your full potential.

Time ticks forward. Tomorrow won't be too late, but two or three years from now will be another story. 

That's why you need to make a decision now. 

Once time ticks away, you don't get it back (I think you know that by now). 

Only those who get in at this time will see faster results.

Most people will be left out or just won't see the usefulness.

That's why I urge you to take action...

Give yourself the edge you can do something great with.   

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Try a free class and discover if our program would be a good match for you. This is a no-obligation, no-pressure trial class where you can find out if what we do will help you achieve your needs. 

I was a shy, timid, socially awkward kid that had low confidence and a severe self-esteem difficulty...

This made me a target for bullies. 

Every day I woke up knowing that when I went to school, I'd be tormented.

It was devasting to my self-esteem...

I began to have a very negative self-image...

And making friends became impossible. Therefore, I spiraled into one of the most socially awkward kids.

I shied away from wanting to be around others and hid in my own little "safe" world.

My focus and concentration suffered because I didn't leave my little world.

My parents worried. Others thought this was just a phase...

Trust me, it is NOT a phase, this is a real problem with real consequences. 

I didn't know where I fit in, who I was, what I was capable of, or how to reach my full capability.

Soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and other sports weren't my thing.

I wasn't SOMEBODY yet...

But I did have the dream to be somebody and make something of myself. 

So, at age 7, I started Karate.

This training has given me the courage to stand up for myself, the confidence to be who I want to be, and the belief to become an inventor, author, international judge and trainer, and instructor to help change the lives of hundreds in the Chattanooga area.  

This might take you by, please prepare yourself.

Your happiness, health, and autonomy are at stake.

I'm talking about more than physical well-being. 

Your state of mind, emotional literacy, and the feeling that you can be self-sufficient are the primary motivators for your happiness. 

In order to take advantage of the opportunity to find your own happiness at all times, you first must understand how fears, doubts, and attitudes drive happiness, dictate our emotional health, and all lead to being self-reliant. 

This may sound frightening, but I want nothing more than for you to be an amazing, confident person. 

The first thing you should know is that our Gold Medal Modeling Formula helps you identify fear and gives you the tools to manage it and work through it despite how crippling it can be. 

Second thing you should know is we teach you about self-doubt. How to conquer it, and how to keep it from holding you back.

The third and last part that brings this all together is teaching you about attitudes and the proper way to deal with challenges, tough situations, and setbacks. 

These three pitfalls are the real enemy we face every day. It isn't someone or something else, but our own 'self' that needs to be conquered before we are truly happy, healthy, and self-sufficient. 

How do you get started?

You have a couple of option at this point...

Option 1: You don't have to do anything. You've read this, and now you are armed with some good information that will help you even if you do nothing.

Option 2: You keep looking around, maybe even try some other choices available to you. It is absolutely okay to explore all your choices.

Option 3: You can try one of our classes free. You will get a chance to see what and how we do what I am talking about on this page.

Only you can decide.

It's really simple to try a class, all you need to do is click the "Online Booking" button, fill in the needed information, and click the 'continue' button until you finish. Then, you'll be all booked in to try a class.  

Maybe you're not ready to schedule a class, but want to find out if our program will be a good match for you. Answer these 5 questions online and find out immediately - no contact info required.

What a few others have to say

Top notch

I've been training at Green's Karate for the past 11 months. During that time I have lost weight and have greatly increased strength, coordination and flexibility. Sensei Green is an excellent teacher, and the assistants are top notch as well.

Robert C. Baker


Since I was 5 years of age, I was always fascinated by the techniques and the mystery behind the art of Karate itself. Through the teaching of martial arts, these ancient masters would apply the philosophies of martial arts to everyday problems. This is what drew me into the world of martial arts.


Not the same kid

Before starting karate my little one was just... “entitled”. Since he’s started karate he has completely changed! He helps around the house. His attitude is more of the “I can” rather than the “I can’t “. And his manners... man... he is not the same kid.

Summer Sweeney

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Book A Free Class

Try a free class and discover if our program would be a good match for you. This is a no-obligation, no-pressure trial class where you can find out if what we do will help you achieve your needs. 


Do you need a uniform to try class?

No. We got you covered. For your first class, you don't need to worry about having anything other than the willingness to give this a try. 

Do you need previous training?

Absolutely not! Majority of all out students start with zero Karate experience. If you've never done this before, that is okay. It's the best place to be - a beginner. There is so much to explore and so many new things to learn. You'll have a blast if you've never done this before.

Do you have to compete?

Again, no. It is not a requirement for you to compete. We have a belt structure and system that follows our class training and not competition attendance.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It generally takes at least four years for someone to get their black belt. This isn't an easy thing. The process is simple, but you'll need to face challenges. You'll need to earn every belt along the way to get to black belt. We don't give anything away here without hard work, perseverance, and effort. 

Is it safe to train?

The long and short answer is yes. You are NOT thrown to the wolves to see if you survive. We help you build your skills, give you the opportunity to test your abilities, and then taught how to self-evaluate each of your performances to find your strengths and work on your weak areas. 

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